09 February 2022

We create your website with the most flexible, modern and secure CMS on the earth: JOOMLA 4.


04 August 2021

In our work is essential to stay as up to date as possible on everything that the web offers, but it is equally important to be able to evaluate what is found and considered interesting, over the years we have used various methods to do so, to evaluate developers, communities and products. This is particularly important when we talk about forks of open source projects that you want to use in a production environment.

Connect Instagram to Facebook, the steps!

26 April 2021

After days of trying to get in touch with Facebook support (incredibly helpful) we managed to find a solution and above all to correct several errors that can be generated with a wrong procedure.

eCommerce migration to Prestashop 1.7 and SEO

23 July 2020

A customer with an eCommerce Prestashop 1.6 contacted me to request the upgrade of the structure to version (last stable release at the time of the beginning of work) and clearly without losing the Google ranking of the old site, how was the project planned and implemented? And above all what results have been obtained?

Marketing Automation, what is it?

25 October 2019

Basically, web operations that were potentially performed manually and required various tools can now be automated through a single software, a "command center," a single information collector.
Okay, but then what is it that makes it so interesting? Automation :)

The importance of updating your website

25 October 2019

Web is constantly growing and new technologies are constantly being optimized. Is your website up to date?

CMS (content management system) is the main technology behind many websites and allows you to add or edit your content, Wordpress and Joomla are among the best known. CMSs are constantly improving and evolving. Let's take a look together at the main reasons why it's important to keep your website's CMS updated:

Web agency and domain name registration

25 October 2019

First of all, let's see what are the basis for creating a website: hosting space and domain name.

The starting point for the realization of a website is the registration of domain name, that is the address that once typed will allow to reach your website; but are you sure that it is in your name and that it is your property?

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