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The importance of updating your website

Web is constantly growing and new technologies are constantly being optimized. Is your website up to date?

CMS (content management system) is the main technology behind many websites and allows you to add or edit your content, Wordpress and Joomla are among the best known. CMSs are constantly improving and evolving. Let's take a look together at the main reasons why it's important to keep your website's CMS updated:

- Security
CMSs are constantly being updated to fix security holes that make a site vulnerable. An outdated CMS is not secure, to make the point we can say that not updating your CMS is like leaving your front door open. A security breach on your website will reduce your credibility online and this can translate into financial losses.

- Site stability
To ensure the best user experience when browsing your site, it is essential that it is stable and free of structural errors.

- New features and improved performance
Constantly updating your site means having access to all the latest features, it means taking advantage of the improvement of existing features such as having a faster navigation speed, a more reactive site.

Our projects always include a hosting offer that includes both the monitoring of the site 24 hours a day and all the technical updates to CMS, graphic template and installed modules, for a total protection of website.

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