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Web agency and domain name registration

First of all, let's see what are the basis for creating a website: hosting space and domain name.

The starting point for the realization of a website is the registration of domain name, that is the address that once typed will allow to reach your website; but are you sure that it is in your name and that it is your property?

I have often found myself in situations where the web agency that had created a website for a customer had also registered the domain name attached to the site. Exactly as the name of a brand, also the domain of your site must be owned by you and not by the agency that will develop the site because you can at any time decide who to entrust the management of your online business. Sometimes it can happen for convenience of the website developer but other times it turns out to be a real strategy to force clients to continue working with the communication agency on duty.

Registering the domain name to yourself will ensure that you can change the manager of the site at any time because you will be the owner of the data to access the management of the domain and you will not risk negligent behavior by the communication agency that could deny to give you what you are entitled to right risking to lose not only the website already developed but also all the emails associated with it! But how can this be legal? Actually it's very simple, the owner of the domain is also the holder of the property so nothing could be easier than taking advantage of the client's trust to keep control!

Not having control and access to your domain name is exactly like not having the keys to your own house!

How does Bsquid work?

We prefer that customers have free choice and that they stay with us because they are comfortable, that's why it is our practice to register the domain name to the rightful owner! Transparency and clarity are our watchwords.

Here are some links where you can verify the holder of your domain name:

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